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maintain your pet health record on the go with OPHR

Petofy helps in keeping an online health record of pets that helps pet parents and Veterinarians to take care of their pets! We provide a facility to pet parents and Veterinarians to maintain pet records on the cloud so that they can access the data anywhere around the world.



Petofy connects pet parent with Veterinarians, Trainers, Groomers, pet shops, Pet Ngo’s, and all other pet service providers. We create a pet ecosystem with a basic motto of Pet well-being using technology.

What we offer-

For Pet Parent:

1. No cost search engine for reliable and easy search functionalities for pet service providers near you.
2. Online Pet Adoption and Donation in accordance with Ngo’s.
3. Pet Name search with its meaning, Pet ID Card and Know about breeds.
4. Online insurance for your loving pets.
5. Pet registration at municipal corporations*
6. Pet Microchips and Made in India Pet scanners*
7. Pet burial services, pet shelters and Ngo’s listing.
8. Blogs and webinars
9. Pet Contests and Events

For Veterinarians:

1. No cost online registration at our platform with multiple benefits like better online search, online appointment booking, Online video Consultancy and digital marketing.
2. India’s first complete and secured clinic management software- OPHR (Online Pet Health Record) with:
• Online vaccination and deworming schedule
• Digital prescriptions
• Follow ups and reminders
• Anytime access to patient’s health and medical records and many more features. To know more click
3. Petofy provides first Made in India Pet Microchip scanner with Micro Chip.
4. Blogs and webinars

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