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Petofy - OPHR

Petofy-OPHR (online pet health record) is a veterinary clinic practice management software using which veterinarians can manage their clinic digitally.

Petofy-OPHR (online pet health record) is the best cloud-based veterinary software that helps veterinarians to stay informed and organized to better manage pet’s health and give exact treatment.

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What Our Clients Say

I am privileged to talk about OPHR Developed by Petofy Team. In the new era, every software or every Digital platform must have a cloud-based application. This application contains very basic necessities required by the veterinarian and I am sure in days to come this software will have much more useful information in that. It will be very useful for every veterinarian practicing for small animals.

Dr. C.C. Wakankar

Dr Wakankar’s Pet Clinic

I would like to congratulate the team Petofy for developing a Cloud-based software application for the Pet Practioner. This application covers the immunization, the pet parents, and all the clinic management features, especially pet health records. I find this software very useful, and I wish the Petofy team all the good luck and my best wishes.

Dr. C. B Singh

Get-well Dog Clinic