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Pet Registration with Municipal Corporation in India | Importance & Procedure to Follow

Date: 2023-01-27

It is now compulsory for all pet owners in the nation to register their pets with the local municipal authorities. This is a significant advance in making our communities pet-friendly. Registration of pets has many benefits from helping pet owners to obtain a legitimate identity for their pets to maintaining data to track information area-wise….

Indian Homemade Recipes for Dogs with Healthy Diet

Date: 2023-01-18

One of the main struggles for millennials is the ongoing confusion of what exactly to feed your dog. Over the centuries in Indian households, we’re seen pet parents feeding dogs basically the leftovers of milk and chapatti. Indian kitchens have restricted food options for dogs, and pet parents often forget the importance of the nutritional…

<strong>Cockatoo Price in India | Kolkata | Chennai</strong>

Date: 2023-01-09

Cockatoos are a group of parrots that are known for their striking plumage and distinctive crests. There are 21 species of cockatoo, which are native to Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Cockatoos are known for their intelligence and their ability to mimic sounds, including human speech. They are social birds that form strong bonds with…

Top 25 Smartest Dog Breeds in The World

Date: 2023-01-03

Have you landed up looking for the most intelligent dog breeds? It is difficult to determine the “smartest” dog breeds because intelligence can be defined in many different ways and can vary within breeds. Some breeds may excel at certain tasks, while others may excel at different tasks. That being said, here is a list…

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These babies were born and in these 2 months I did everything to find a loveable home for them and in this journey #petofyindia helped, a lot, the quick replies, finding leads, and with their help, I got forever homes for them.Thank you Petofy for helping me and these little are doing a great job..

Ankita Pradhan


Petofy is an amazing knowledge based platform for pet parents like me. I can see my pet vaccinations, nutrition and other crucial updates, which I usually forget. thanks to Petofy to keep it this simple for me.

S.K Elawarasan

Tamil Nadu