Frequently Asked Questions

Registration at Petofy

You can sign up at (link) with your email ID
Currently, google and facebook sign up is available for pet parents. We will bring this feature for Doctors very soon.
For security of your A/C and ensure it is You, who has registered with us, it is required to verify your contact details like e mail ID & mobile no and your VCI/State Registration No.
Petofy remembers you and unless you sign out from your account, you are not required to type your log in credentials.
You can click on the forget password link (link) on sign in page and reset your password in 3 easy steps by following the instructions.


You can create multiple accounts using different e mail IDs and mobile nos. However, if a Practitioner Registration no. is used more than once, Petofy will verify by calling and if not satisfied, by physical visits.
After you sign in, you can add staff from your profile on ‘Add staff’ section.
Your staff can only access the section & data, you permit him/her to. There are different modules like approve appointment, add patient, add reports etc sections they can access without accessing the core of your practice, I,e; accessing Clinic Visit & Prescription writing modules

Appointments & new patients

When a Petofy user requests for your appointment, you will receive a SMS & e mail notification. You can Accept, re schedule or reject the appointment. After your action, pet parent will receive SMS & e mail notification.
You can view your scheduled upcoming appointments on right hand side of your dashboard. For a detailed date wise view, you can click on ‘Appointment’ section of your dashboard
Once you accept an appointment, Petofy will show that slot as ‘Unavailable’ and will not accept any other appointments
All pets registered in Petofy have unique Petofy ID. You can also search with patient name, parent’s name, contact details to find out if the pet is already registered
If You want to add a pet, previously added by another Doctor, its parent will receive an OTP on their registered number. After verifying the OTP, the pet can be added. However, you can not view previous prescriptions unless verified by the previous Doctor
You can add any pet in Petofy. However, currently our forms are designed for Dogs & Cats. We are constantly evolving & will very soon add other mammals, amphibians, birds and reptiles.
Yes, you can do it from edit pet details section.

Visits & prescription

If you want to create and view a pet’s health record in Petofy, you need to add the pet to Petofy
You need to fill the fields, which are mandatory as per VCI guidelines. Filling remaining fields is on your discretion
To increase your prescription making speed, Petofy suggests some brand names based on ailments and generic names. You can accept or ignore the suggestion
Petofy sends auto reminders to pet parents as per follow up visit date. Up on their acceptance, it automatically sends an appointment request to you. If you feel, a follow up visit is not required, you can ignore the field
No currently we don’t have that feature. But in future we can also do it.
You can view and copy prescriptions, however, once saved, you can not edit or delete prescriptions.
If you wish to view old prescriptions, you can obtain them from pet parent. Alternatively, you can seek permission from the previous Doctor through Petofy, and after he/she accepts the request, you can view.

Radiography & Other Diagnostic test reports

Currently, radiography, USG or Color Doplar plates can not be added as those are photographic plates. As science is constantly evolving, we will add this feature in future.
You can upload PDF, JPG or PNG files.
As Petofy saves your files in cloud, there is virtually no limit of file size. However, higher file size will consume more data and may take more time to download, when you want to view them in future

Data Safety

Type of Data View Edit & Delete
Contact details (If hidden by user) Petofy team None
Contact details (If not hidden by user) Everyone None
Password None None
Appointments Your staff, Petofy team, Pet parent (Only booked slot) Your staff, Pet parent (Only booked slot)
Pet general details like name, breed, age, sex and image Everyone Parent of the concerned pet, your staff, Petofy team
Pet Parent’s contact details Your staff, Petofy team Pet parent
Pet’s health record Your staff, parent of concerned pet None
Prescription Pet parent None
Radiography & Other test reports Your staff, pet parent, other Doctor after adding the pet None

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