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Petofy is dedicated to managing the complete well-being and needs of pets. As we bring everybody together and seamlessly connect pet parents to pet service providers, we don’t want to compete with our users like pet shop retailers, pet product suppliers. ...
We are not aiming to do E-commerce of pet food, pet medicines, and general pet supplies available in traditional pet stores, instead, we are presenting our platform for brands and companies of the ‘Pet health and care sector to use as an interface to launch and promote their products.
In the current times, as people are spending way more time online, no one can ignore the importance of digital channels.

In the wake of COVID-19, to minimize the risk associated with physical marketing and advertising, we provide you our platform to organize a launch program or other promotional activities for veterinarians, pet parents, etc. We are glad to offer our platform for knowledge-sharing activities with future veterinarians and encourage the activity through which skills, information, and expertise are exchanged among people. We help you in building brand value, connect you with new customers, and retaining current ones.
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