Online Pet Health Record

OPHR- Online Pet Health Record is a software provided by Petofy for veterinarian using which they can manage their clinic digitally.

Online Pet Health Record (OPHR) is the best cloud-based veterinary software that helps veterinarians to stay informed and organized to better manage pet’s health and give exact treatment.

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About OPHR

Veterinarians today with the help of the latest and efficient veterinary software are increasingly looking to digitally streamline their day-to-day operations and automate repetitive tasks, for better efficiency, improved customer service, and attentive pet care.

This is because maintaining a veterinarian clinic these days has become as challenging as running any hospital, with the only difference that here patients are the animals.

We at Petofy use a cloud-based veterinary management software known as Online Pet Health Record (OPHR) built with custom features, modules and, functionalities that are designed to automate manual tasks, enhance visibility, and streamline veterinary workflows.

Our cloud-based veterinary management software helps to deal with the day-to-day operations of a veterinary practice. It allows capturing of patient demographics, scheduling appointments, reduces redundant operations, provides insightful business and operational reports, and other basic daily tasks of veterinary operations.

Online Pet Health Record (OPHR) is the best cloud-based veterinary software that helps veterinarians to stay informed and organized to better manage pet’s health and give exact treatment. Petofy with the help of its most reliable veterinary administration software keeps a track of your pet’s health record by putting all of their important information in one place. Based on that information, our veterinarians provide useful data regarding first aid conditions, diseases, and other suggestions, and guidance for the individual care of your pet, and more.

They can easily manage patient information, scheduling, and treatment planning, with patient diagnosis and treatment management and efficiently deliver treatments. This veterinary management software helps us keep pet records on the cloud so that it becomes easy for veterinarians to easily access this data from anywhere around the world. Here data is securely saved in the cloud and can only be accessed by the authorized person after the confirmation user name, password, and the OTP that is sent via email and SMS. 

Key Benefits

Essential Features of OPHR

Our veterinary management software comes with different value-added features.

Defined below is the list of some of the basic and advanced veterinary practice software features:

Features of OPHR

Vets can have a complete online pet health record with a personalized immunization schedule and appointment management. This helps them formulate a clear-cut treatment plan.

Notes are considered as one of the most significant medical documents, storing and organizing them in a single veterinary computer software system is important so that they can be saved securely and accessed easily. This software can also keep separate staff profiles.

Online Pet Healthcare Record (OPHR) promotes clear, accurate, and complete documentation plus streamlined billing. Easy to understand any information, reminder, or report, this also helps doctors to communicate better with the client.

This veterinary practice management software allows automated reminders and notifications via email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

This is an important feature of this veterinary software, it allows secure login of the authorized person with OTP via emails and SMS.

Our best veterinary practice management software suggests vaccination or annual health check-ups, scheduling an appointment, and more. This is an excellent feature that streamlines veterinary practice management and avoids any overpayment or underpayment. 

This helps the vet clinic team to get in touch with the pet owner with online prescription management which helps share prescriptions with Pet-Parent digitally.

This is a very powerful feature of our veterinary management software as it provides doctors a comprehensive picture of a pet’s health, treatment history, positive and negative changes, and other data required to make well-informed decisions. 

Our cloud-based best veterinary practice management software provides opportunities to get advanced reports and give insights that can be utilized for vet practice management, development, and business growth. This cloud-based software provides instant access to patient reports for more effective care. There is no misplacing of files, they can be easily accessed by multiple users at the same time, from separate devices.

OPHR allows online Tele and Video consulting offering a very convenient way to connect. OPHR is also available through our website and mobile apps for Android as well as the iOS platform.

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