Petofy helps in keeping an online health record of pets that helps pet parents and Veterinarians to take care of their pets! We provide a facility to pet parents and Veterinarians to maintain pet records on the cloud so that they can access the data anywhere around the world.

Benefits of using online pet health records

  • Access pet health-related information easily via mobile app or website.​
  • All the information will be secure as you will get a username and password.
  • Set reminders by using calendars and Task management features.
  • Access information from anywhere around the world.
  • On-the-go access to the pet’s health records

Pet Parent

Just put your Pet’s health records on petofy and you can access this information anywhere around the world. Get reminders and check pet history.


If you are Veterinarian, you can easily access your patient’s information through an electronic medical record system.

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