Privacy Policy


Petofy and its subsidiaries (collectively “Company” “we” or “us”) respect the privacy of its users (“user(s)” or “you”) and is committed to protect the personal information that its users share with it. This Privacy Policy is to inform you what information we collect when you use our cloud-native security platform service (collectively, the “service”). We believe that you have a right to know our practices regarding the information we may collect and use when you use our products. Capitalized terms which are not defined herein, shall have the meaning ascribed to them in our Terms of Use which this Privacy Policy is incorporated thereto by reference (together, the “Terms”).

Legal Compliances

The Policy herein is made in accordance but not limited to the following:

  1. i. Section 43A of the Information Technology Act, 2000;
  2. ii. Rule 4 of the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Information) Rules, 2011; and
  3. iii. Regulation 3(1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021.

What Information do we collect

We may collect two types of data and information from our users:

  • a. First type of information is non-identifiable and anonymous information (“Non-Personal Information”). We are not aware of the identity of the user from which we have collected the Non-Personal Information. Non-Personal Information is any unconcealed information which is available to us while users are using the Service. Non-Personal Information, which is being gathered, consists of technical information and behavioral information, such as:

    • i. Network connection such as IPs and ports;
    • ii. Instance meta-data from your cloud provider, or
    • iii. Data from orchestration platforms.

  • b. Second type of information is individually identifiable information (“Personal Information”). This information may in itself or taken together with additional information available to us identify an individual or may be of a private and/or sensitive nature. We do not collect any Personal Information from you or related to you without your approval, which is obtained, inter alia, through your active acceptance of the Terms and the Privacy Policy. Additionally, we do not store payment details such your debit card number, credit card number, expiration date, UPI ID details.

Information Collection and Usage Including Images

We want to clarify that Petofy does not upload users' image information without your knowledge and consent. We are dedicated to being transparent about the types of data we collect and how we use it. We only collect and process personal information that is necessary for the proper functioning of our app and to provide you with the best possible experience.


Before accessing or using Petofy, we ensure that you provide explicit consent for the collection and processing of your data. This includes any image information that might be required for the functionality of the Website/App. We will always inform you about the purpose and scope of data collection and seek your consent before proceeding.


Cookies are used by the company to track user activity on the website or mobile application. Some cookies may be used to retrieve data that a user has already indicates or submitted. You can usually regulate cookies, including whether or not to accept them and how to remove them, using the settings of your browser or mobile device. Most browsers and mobile applications allow you to set them to alert you when you receive cookies, but you may also choose to have them disable them.

How do we use the information that we collect

In order to provide services to the user, we use information that we have collected. The information includes both Service Purposes and Internal Purposes as defined below:

Service Purposes

  1. 1.To fulfill our commitments resulting from your requests for the goods and services listed on the platform;
  2. 2. To improve the platform for better user experience;
  3. 3. To fulfill and deliver your order from us;
  4. 4. We use the information you provide to respond to your requests, personalise your experience, improve our platform, or communicate with you for non-targeting purposes like compliance, billing, ad reporting or delivery, market research, or product development;
  5. 5. To comply with the relevant law and to conduct audits for quality assessment;
  6. 6. For contacting the customer for resolution of queries, order information, order updates, consultations, or for promotion of new products and services;
  7. 7.To prevent and investigate fraudulent and illegal activities involving personal threat, financial fraud, mischief, violation of terms & conditions or anything else as required by law;

Internal Purposes

  1. 8. To collect feedback
  2. 9. To grant you access to our site or app so you may make purchases and get services;
  3. 10. Establishing databases for rating systems, recommendation engines, etc.;
  4. 11. Analysing data, spotting trends, developing algorithms;

Sharing information with third-party

Some of the information that we collect can be shared with third parties for fulfilment of services and orders. When offering the services, these third-party service providers may additionally acquire your personal information or sensitive personal data or information (“SPDI”) using the techniques they utilise. Additionally, they have to process the personal information in a way that is compliant with this Privacy Policy and all applicable laws. It must be noted that we will not be held accountable for the deeds or wrongdoings of any third parties connected to us. However, we might help you and these third parties resolve any problems you might be having. Further, in cases of business transitions, such as merger, acquisition or sale of all or portion of our assets, the company reserves the right to transfer your data to the new entity. The users will be notified of such changes subsequent to the transition.

Changes in Privacy Policy

The privacy policy can be changed from time to time. Users are encouraged to periodically review the policy. It is the responsibility of the user to review the policy from time to time.

Deletion of personal information

You may review, edit, or change the personal information given by you at any time, but you are not allowed to delete that information. You may choose to not get notified about any service or offering by the company but the company holds the right to retain the information for its internal purposes as explained above.


Petofy Pvt Ltd is an online service providing platform and is in no way involved in cash or kind transaction for adoption and donation of pets. We are only providing services to pet parents through NGO’s working in related field like Doon welfare association etc. Therefore Petofy shall have no legal liability or business angle involved with such services.


By disclosing information to third parties through our Site or app or in other ways, as well as by using and accessing their websites, applications, and resources, you agree and promise to hold us harmless from any claim or dispute brought by a third party. We disclaim all responsibility for any acts taken by third parties involving your personal information or SPDI that you may have supplied to them.


Except where specifically stated otherwise or suggested by the context of the Privacy Policy, each clause of this policy shall remain in distinct from, independent of, and severable from all other clauses herein. The declaration that one or more provisions of this privacy policy are null and void shall not affect the remaining clauses of this privacy policy.