Our Vision

Just a ONE-STOP SOLUTION for everything pets! Be it a product, consultation, or any service – Petofy has it all. We want to help pet lovers to be able to access all the information, service, and help they require for anything for their pet’s health.

If you want to adopt or you might already be a pet parent and you wish to learn more about your pet’s needs and nutritional requirements. From consultation to grooming, we’ve got it all covered! With an aim to be a premier pet service platform, Petofy dedicates itself to being a vast service platform – only for pets!

To help you to understand and choose your pet.
To provide a choice for quality products and nutrition.
To provide everything what you and your pet needs.

Our Story

We sowed the seeds of Petofy a few years back, you know a new idea comes when there aren’t any existing solutions. I was planning on getting a pet for the very first time. I wasn’t just excited but also confused. I knew I wanted to adopt a dog. Being an IT expert, I had always relied on the power of the internet to get all the required information and I thought of taking the same trusted route as always.

However, I was surprised firstly there wasn’t much information available online and secondly, I couldn’t find a single platform where I could get all the required information; I had to collect information from different sources and each source had a different opinion on the same topic.

I realized that everyone might be facing the same challenges and my personal experience gave me the idea to create Petofy –for “EVERYTHING PETS”. A one-stop solution for all pet parents and their queries.

Our Mission

Only pet parents can understand the extreme love, care, and attention a pet requires. There are challenges along the way while taking care of your canine companion. For which, as a pet parent you need constant support. We, Petofy understand this, and our intention focuses on providing pet parents as well as pet service platforms with a common unified place to cater to all your pet’s needs.

“To ensure and maintain the highest standards for quality, consistency, sustainability, value-added support service, and integrity in our business and personal relationship.”
Our objective is to be a quality service platform for all pet enthusiasts. Prime care for our innocent beings! To ensure and maintain the highest standards for quality, consistency, sustainability, value-added support service and integrity in our business and personal relationship.