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Keep your pet’s health record with Petofy pet parent software

If you have a pet, you probably take care of its health. You do a lot of things to keep them healthy like proper vaccination, feed it properly, use of right bath shops or shampoos, give them proper vitamins and supplements.

You also need to monitor your pet’s behavior daily. When you notice any suspicious symptoms in your pet’s behavior, you need to remember and tell him correctly what happened. When you come to the vet, he asks you various things about your pet's behavior, previous medical history, likes and dislikes, allergies, blood types, and vaccinations, etc.

In general, Taking care of a pet is not a very easy task. Petofy pet health record software helps pet owners to manage all these things and provide accurate information to vets. You can print your pet's health record and provide it to your vet.

Why to choose Petofy Pet Health Record?

Petofy pet health record software is one of the best tools which helps per owners in managing their pet’s health effectively. It provides an option to save the complete medical history of your pet online. You can access anywhere and show it to your Veterinarians. With the help of this software, you can schedule various pet-related activities like doctor’s appointment, pet grooming time, diet plan, medical history, pet habits, likes & dislikes, etc. Pet parents can add general information of their pets such as age, weight, breed etc.

  • Automated reminders can set up to remind pet parents about various activities like doctors visit etc.
  • Various schedules like pet-diet, grooming and de-worming schedules can be updated by pet parents.
  • Pet parents can create pet ID card for their pets and able to use other Petofy services using this pet ID.
  • Pet owners can check pet health history and print it in one click.
  • Book appointment with vets registered on Petofy website.