Pet NGOs

Across the world there are countless stray animals that are subjected to brutality, road rage and diseases everyday. They don’t have any guardian to take care and struggle for life essentials like food, water and shelter on day-to-day basis.

Role of NGOs & Animal Care Centers :

Pet NGOs, Animal Care Centers are the organizations that work consistently to make life, less difficult for these poor and abandoned animals, whether it’s a rescue and rehabilitation of homeless animals or providing veterinary care to sick and injured animals.

They stand for Animal rights, protect them from cruelty and promote human treatment of animals.

They carry out Animal Birth control Programmes, conduct Antirabies drive for community dogs and create awareness about Rabies. Their efforts and dedication are worth praising despite overwhelming odds, such as financial constraints and indifference of the government agencies, they are doing an excellent work to give a better life to homeless animals.

What Petofy Does?

Petofy being a purely pet dedicated platform, promote these institutions and support the cause. We Provide information about these organizations through our platform. You can find their contact details, initiatives, activities, and other details on Petofy.

We are actively involved in adoption and donation of pets. Our aim is to lower the abandoned pet’s population by providing caring homes and loving families to all those homeless pets

How Can You Contribute?

Whenever you find any animal injured or sick or in distress, being a responsible citizen immediately take it to nearby Vet or contact Animal Care Center and make sure that it gets help on time. You can also volunteer and work for the welfare of these voiceless animals.